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Latest inspection reports

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'Leadership is excellent, providing a clear vision for the school, with a strong emphasis on teaching and learning.'


 'Pupils are unfailingly polite to visitors and treat their peers and staff with great respect. Their care for one another is embedded in all aspects of school life.'


'The quality of the pupils' achievements and learning is excellent.' 'The school values its pupils' achievement of excellence in a broad range of skills, including musical events, drama productions and sporting activities.'


'The quality of teaching is excellent.' 'Teaching meets the needs of pupils of different abilities extremely well, enabling them to acquire new knowledge, make progress, increase their understanding and develop their skills. The more able pupils and those with SEND [Special Educational Needs or Disabilities] are supported most effectively in lessons, enabling them to make excellent progress.'


'The pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is excellent.' 'Confident and self-aware, pupils appreciate non-material aspects of life, and are emotionally mature for their age. They communicate their interests with passion.' 'The pupils develop extremely well socially. The pupils' behaviour is courteous, engaging and lively.'


'The school's arrangements for pastoral care are excellent.' 'Outstandingly positive relationships between staff and pupils and an 'open door' policy ensure that pupils feel comfortable talking to staff, whom they regard as being very approachable.'


'The quality of provision for welfare, health and safety is excellent.'


'The quality of boarding is excellent.' 'Those who are going on to board at their next school say that they find the experience valuable in terms of developing maturity, self-reliance and self-confidence.


'The quality of governance is excellent.' 'Highly effective governance enables the school to meet its aims, maintain standards and plan for improvements.'