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Policies, procedures and other information for parents

We have pleasure in making the following information available to current and prospective parents. We hope that you can find what you are looking for but if you would like any assistance or have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.  For your convenience, we have included contact details of our Senior Leadership Team, School Secretary and Chair of Governors.

All of the downloadable files on this page are in PDF format so you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to be able to view them.  This is free software which can be downloaded by clicking on the image below:



Contact details:


Name: Ian Raybould
Telephone: 01785 286568
Email: ian.raybould@yarletschool.org


Chair of Governors

Name: Sarah Tennant
Telephone: 01785 286568
Email: sarah.tennant@yarletschool.org


Deputy Headteacher

Name: Nicky Burrows-Berry
Telephone: 01785 286568
Email: nicky.burrowsberry@yarletschool.org


Head of Pre-Prep

Name: Michelle Fowlie
Telephone: 01785 286568
Email: michelle.fowlie@yarletschool.org


School Secretary

Name: Julia Bryan
Telephone: 01785 286568
Email: julia.bryan@yarletschool.org



Name: Kirsty Nixon
Telephone: 01785 286568
Email: kirsty.nixon@yarletschool.org


 The timings of the school day (EYFS)

 The timings of the school day (Form 1 and 2)

 The timings of the school day (Forms 3 to 8)

Aims of the school

Staff List

Admissions Policy

Behaviour and Discipline Policy

SEND Policy

 Particulars of the educational and welfare provision for pupils with English as an additional language (EAL)

 Particulars of the educational and welfare provision for pupils with EHC (Education, Health and Care) plans

Curriculum Policy

Safeguarding Children Policy (Including Safeguarding Boarders and children in EYFS)

Anti-Bullying Policy

Health and Safety Policy

 First aid policy

Complaints procedure, and the number of complaints registered under the formal procedure during the preceding school year

EYFS information

Boarding Handbook for pupils and parents (including Flexi Boarding Principles and Practice)

Searching Pupils Policy - Including in Boarding and EYFS

Administration of Medicine Policy - Including in Boarding and EYFS

Physical Restraint Policy - Including in Boarding and EYFS

Equal Opportunities Policy

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