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The next step

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At the age of 7, girls and boys are welcomed into Main School.

At Yarlet we expect the very best from your child inside and outside the classroom. This includes setting individualised academic targets to ensure that every pupil is challenged and stretched to achieve to the best of his or her ability.

Children in Forms 3 and 4 still have a Form Teacher who focuses on Mathematics, English, Science and some areas of Humanities. However, pupils are increasingly taught by subject specialists. For example, in Spanish, French, Art, DT, IT, Music, Games and some areas of Humanities.  

Parents are given half-termly assessment reports and there are at least two formal Parents' Evenings per year.  This complements the informal home-school communication which takes place much more frequently and is often central in helping pupils to succeed.

Socially, children are expected to be kind, courteous and respectful. They are taught to take pride in themselves and in all that they do.

From Form 5, a strong tutorial system is in place. Each tutor is responsible for the academic and pastoral wellbeing of a small group of tutees which helps to ensure that each pupil's progress and welfare is closely monitored. Members of staff eat lunch with the children and everyone starts and finishes their meal together. Boys and girls and older and younger pupils enjoy each other's company over lunch whilst prefects and teachers gently encourage good table manners and appropriate conversation.

All meals are prepared in-house by our own chef.  At the end of the school day, an optional light tea is available which is also supervised by our staff.

Flexible finishing times are a help to busy parents, giving children the opportunity to complete homework during supervised prep periods or to enjoy evening activities if all their work has been completed.  Click here for more details about wrap-around care.

At the end of Form 6 our pupils are ready to move on to the 11 to 13 Senior Years.  Click here for more information about the Senior Years.