Yarlet School | Why choose Yarlet School?

Why choose Yarlet School?


At Yarlet, we provide our girls and boys with the best possible all-round education and these are some of the ways we do it:

  • Outstanding facilities and surroundings - a wonderful environment in which children can play as well as learn about Science, Geography and History.
  • Excellent standards of teaching ensure the vast majority of pupils are at least one year ahead of the national average in Literacy and Numeracy.
  • Specialist subject teachers and subject rooms from the age of 7.
  • High academic achievement.
  • 100% success in Common Entrance Examinations to Senior Schools.
  • High number of scholarship awards to Senior Schools, including academic, art, sport, drama and all-round performance.
  • Fast track to success for academically able children and numerous opportunities to shine for children with talents in other areas.
  • Developing each child's strengths and supporting their areas for development.
  • Small class sizes, averaging 16, but to a maximum of 20.
  • A family atmosphere - children are nurtured to learn self-discipline, respect and consideration for others. Yarlet friends are friends for life.
  • Most homework can be completed in supervised prep periods which take place after the normal school day.
  • Additional tuition for pupils preparing for Scholarship or Common Entrance examinations to senior schools at no extra charge.
  • Strong relationships with Senior Schools.
  • Unrivalled sporting facilities and a wide variety of seasonal sports, with some expert tuition and daily coaching lessons.
  • Drama productions and termly music concerts and recitals.
  • Specialist music tuition and opportunities to play in ensembles, at concerts and to take recognised examinations in chosen instrument/s.
  • Close ties between Nursery, Pre-Prep and Main School, fostering good relationships and smooth transitions between Key Stages.
  • Flexible finishing times in Main School and the possibility of taking advantage of an extended day until 6pm at no extra charge.
  • The opportunity to board through our flexi-boading programme which, as well as being great fun, prepares those children who may wish to consider moving on to a boarding school.