Yarlet School | Teams lists and selection policy

Teams Lists and Selection Ethos

Team lists

Please note that these team lists are subject to change.  Final lists will be available to view from approximately 12 noon on the day of the fixtures.

Unless stated otherwise, sports fixtures commence at 2.30pm:

Selection Ethos

Teachers at Yarlet School recognise that achievement and success on the playing field can be a very rewarding experience which helps to develop pupils in and out of the classroom.  Therefore, our aim is to include as many pupils as possible when playing fixtures against other schools.

At U11 and U13 levels, team selections tend to be focused on ability and merit; teachers use their professionalism and experience to select the strongest team based on the available players.  For younger teams, a more inclusive approach is adopted, with the objective of ensuring that all pupils will represent the school in at least one of the major sports.  At all ages, teachers are sometimes able to create additional teams or 'B' teams which provide further opportunities to participate.